Are You New?

Asked the nurse

Asked the nurse

I have to admit, it came as a little bit of a shock. I mean sure it had been a little bit of time since I was in this place doing this stuff but that doesn’t mean in any way shape or form I was new.

Maybe I was a little rusty and had a few cobwebs to knock free to get some of my ambulance groove back, but come on, AM I NEW? that was just not called for.

Sure, the frequency that I am on the rig is drastically decreased from what it used to be. Who am I kidding, you have a better chance to see rain in the Sahara than me on an ambulance it seems. That doesn’t mean I am new!

And maybe my patch report flow could have been called messy much like that of a first timer. Sure I may have fumbled through it worst than a pubescent teen boy trying to get a four clasp bra off with one-handed for the first time. But really, am I new?

Ok, so what if I looked as lost as an American who studied Spanish touring the French countryside when the ER assigned a room. I thought I faked remembering the layout well enough to not seem so awkward. But was it called for asking if I was new?

Not only asking me if I was new but not believing me and calling bullshit to my partner? That was just a low blow! I mean I have had a few more years than he in this spot.

I got the point whether you were trying to make it or not. Our system of EMS has such high turn over and introduction of new faces that it must be hard to keep up with remembering them all. With the infrequency of which I ride it was completely valid to question my time.

Just for the record, I’m a decade old, but I should be out there more to keep my face fresh.

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On The Return To The Road

Well it came a bit later than I may have thought but I finally did it! And no I don’t mean gotten on the blog and put my fingers to the keyboard to pump out a post. I got back on the rig for the first time in 14 months! Let me tell you, oh let me tell you how it totally was strange to me. Not so much in the sense that it was different, in fact it was strangely comforting how much it was like I remembered it. Yesterday was truthfully boring as hell being on post and I thought it may even be a no-hitter. Though the dispatchers and call gods obviously wanted me to just transition more gracefully back into the realm of the road provider and not leap as we finally snagged a single run for the entire shift. It was nothing exciting, but it gave me that single moment I think I had been waiting for. As I loaded the stretcher with the patient something slipped out of my mouth that I know has not in 14 months. A phrase which I only ever have uttered in the presence of a patient being loaded into an ambulance. I did not put thought into “a few bumps as we get you loaded” as it  was said, but at that moment I knew. Much like last year when, after 15 years, I got my ass back on a bicycle and put my feet on those pedals. I was wobbling about, very uncoordinated and scared the ever-living crap out of myself, but gosh darn it, I was riding a bike!

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365 Days Ago

It was 525949 Minutes ago today that I went under the knife to repair a ruptured C6-C7 disc. That is also pretty much how long it has been since I was last allowed on an ambulance. That was until yesterday, when I received the good word that I am officially Buy generic viagra pills off light duty. I am no longer bound by restrictions and in the words of my smiling Orthopedic Surgeon “As far as I’m concerned, you can do what ever the hell you want to”.

So that’s it folks, after one year to the day I am back to “normal”, now I just wait to figure out my schedule and inevitable return to the road.

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Alternative B/P Sites

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Will This Series Get It Right?

We all know that the movie and television industries portrayal of Emergency Medical Services has been few/fair between and it has been less than impressive when they have tried. Frankly speaking, from a realistic perspective it has viagra online cheap been down right awful. The last specific attempt was  this show called Trauma which aired only one season on NBC in 2009 and focused on a group of paramedics in San Francisco. If you couldn’t tell by its short-lived airing of a single season, it was dismal and tanked. Now whether it was the horrendously unrealistic and almost constant action packed calls they were on or the terrible acting who knows. The fact remains it likely had terrible ratings and thus wasn’t worth renewal. Now comes the newest attempt at portraying all that is EMS.

The American adaptation of the UK series which was based on the book Blood, Sweat & Tea by Brian Kellett which much like the new series was also called Sirens. Sirens on USA Network is directed by Denis Leary and sets to premier March 6th at 10pm



Now, I was able to watch a few episodes of the UK series when it first came out, and thought is was simply great. It was an interesting take on EMS for the public, one which they may not have been ready for. This may be a reason why the UK version was not set for a second season. It was a dark comedy that dealt with the every day shake your head moments of EMS, along with the ways in which we experience and deal with the things we see on the streets. Sure it may not be a show for everyone, I sure hope it is in the least a show for the EMS community to get behind, in the case it is as funny the trailer leads to believe.


Maybe in some way EMS can become a bit more of an interest to the public and least they can have a bit better of an understanding of what we deal with. Is Sirens going to be the cream of the crop when it comes to EMS based shows? Who Knows, but in hopes that it wont be taking the profession to seriously, it has to be better than what’s been done before.

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