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EMS 2020?

“What changes do you think are on the horizon for EMS?” Nancy Perry @NancyEPerry Editorial Director at EMS World Magazine posed this question on twitter which got me really thinking, where WILL EMS be in less than eight years? I know where … Continue reading

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A Topic Of Discussion

A very interesting topic of conversation arose on a friends facebook status about EMS. It, surmised, was that if you wish to be taken seriously then act in a manor to be taken seriously. What entailed was surprisingly a conversation … Continue reading

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Interventions 4

As I’m sure you may have heard already, Interventions 4 – Supervisors addition is out. Take a few moments to read it share it, then discuss it. Then check out the Fan page and share your thoughts. Tell us how … Continue reading

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An Open Letter

To all the naysayers; The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. ~ E. Nightingale Sincerely, EMS 2.0

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American EMS; Not The Pinnacle

Whoa whoa whoa; Junkie have you lost your mind, American EMS is not the best of the best? This should not be earth shattering, American EMS is not the pinnacle of what it means to be in emergency medicine. We … Continue reading

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