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A Shitty Day

As an EMS’er in the field for almost ten years I willing to say that I’ve seen my fair share of stuff. Most of it BS, but some of it is pretty serious. Being said, I also believe that I … Continue reading

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So You Want An EMS Career? The Interview

So you want an EMS career? is a series about highlighting desirable traits, qualities, and characteristics for obtaining and advancing your aspirations with in EMS. My advice for The Interview is based on what I look for during the interview … Continue reading

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Do you Double Log Roll?

The story always went that some one brought in a patient to the ER after that patient had been in a fight. The exact happenings of the altercation were not so clear on scene but the indication for head injury was … Continue reading

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Pocket Scissors?

It was like any other call, the metro cops were out with a male at the all in one gas station, laundromat, and pizza shop. The male being told to move on and feeling down on his luck made the comment … Continue reading

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What does OH, NC & MD have in common?

Ohio, North Carolina, and Maryland  all had crashes involving ambulance’s this month thus far. With all of these being in the news lately and it has caused me to do some reflection on my own driving. Whether its due to youth, our inexperience, … Continue reading

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