When you’re expecting everyone who have already journeyed your steps tells of how quickly they will grow up. Of course you understand this ideology, or at least you have an understanding of it. Until you experience that moment you can not actually relate. With my lad starting preschool tomorrow I have been reflecting on how quickly he grew up. The frailty of your place in life is quickly becoming apparent, Sure you can be naive and figure he will always need his father and mother. Truth be told though, everyday he becomes more and more independant and more his own person. Sooner rather than later he will no longer be my little guy, he will be looking forward to seeing his newly made friends. No longer will he have the desire to sit with me in my chair and snuggle into me while watching a show. No longer will he want to play pretend with me foam sword and shield in hand while I chase him with a oversized T-rex toy. No longer will he enjoy being my weight bench, wanting to do exercise with me, nor will he like being pushed in the stroller for a jog.

I keep my strong face on, adamantly saying how I’m just relieved I’ve sustained another life for almost four years. Yet deep down inside, when I’m being most honest with myself, I wish he would just slow down with this whole growing up and getting big thing. It makes my heart ache so much thinking how quickly these last 3.75 years have gone by.

Tomorrow being the first day of preschool I know who wont be ready, His parents!

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  1. GAuntDiane says:

    Great post, Paul. I know where you are coming from and so does every parent who has sent their little ones off to pre-school, elementary, then middle, and then high school. Then you think that taking them to college is just going to break your heart in two. Just wait…..the worst is yet to come. That is when you walk down that church aisle knowing that in a few short minutes, one ceremony performed by the priest is going to take him away and he is going to start his journey into the life he was intended to have with his own family. You can only pray that you have prepared him for that life. Of course, you most likely have, with those snuggles and the watching of shows together and even those jogs in the stroller. He will have the basics of life and morals and manners and how to love that you both have taught him….. and you will be so proud.

    It really does go fast. But remember that while he is growing up, life is going fast for us as well. One day he will be the one who is helping you and Jaki out and then you will be glad you raised him to be independent, loving, and responsible. He will then ask you for help again….. Dad, can you help me with the deck I’m putting on the house?….. Dad, can you help me with the car?…… Dad, come check out the new lawnmower I want to get. You’re lucky to have such a handsome little dude and such a good boy. Raise him to love God and to respect others and he will be the sole reason for your life. And trust me, there will be times he will be wishing he was able to snuggle down with you and watch another show. He will just want your approval and the feeling of safety with you once again. Cherish that sweet little man!

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